• You CREATE an online account and input the information that caregivers and family need to know.  
  • You DECIDE who can see the information through personal invitation and secure login.  
  • Caregivers  ACCESS the information through the app on their phone
  • Everyone SHARES important info through the messaging center  

Ensure Continuity of care and Improve Quality of Life  

Voice Library

Bridge the communication gap with the Voice Library. Make it easier for caregivers to understand behaviors, vocalizations and personal cares with a custom library of video, photo and audio content.

Daily Cares

Because structure is so important, create a schedule of regular routines, important events and reminders to help others provide consistency among caregivers.


Customize your profile with medications lists, supplements, food sensitivities, safety concerns, diet. Don't let that information be lost.


Save important contact information such as therapists, social workers, clinics, family members and friends to help provide care and understanding of your loved one.


Update your care team in real time. Your shared messages can help track trends and keep the team informed.

Safety Issues

Help others keep your loved one safe. Explain their personal safety needs, behavior, triggers, allergies and intolerances.

Stimmi was created as a tool to be used throughout an individual’s lifespan. The database contains necessary elements of a life plan. You take all the information saved in your paper binders and save it online for easy accessibility.  Whether it is used as a training tool with a new caregiver at a group home, help when a child starts school in a new classroom, help military families stay up to date with their child when a service member is deployed or used to help with respite care, Stimmi is there to help support your team and the individual.